Siam Book Awards 2022

Welcome to the website for the Siam Book Awards, which was previously known as the Bangkok Book Awards.

We have adopted our new name this year in order to better reflect the location of international schools across Thailand, who now participate in the awards process. As a result of the name change, we invited international school children and students across the country to take part in a competition to design a new logo for the awards.

We would like to congratulate Katie Lee, from Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School, on coming up with the winning design, which was felt to encapsulate the essence of the awards and we are delighted to be able to use it as our brand new logo.

We are proud to announce the shortlisted books for this year’s Siam Book Awards – they are a wonderfully diverse selection, so we hope that there will be many titles that appeal to everyone. Enjoy reading them and deciding which one is your favourite.

Enjoy reading our award books for this year!

Siam Book Awards Poster 2022 – All Categories